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Bilthoven, the Netherlands, February 17th, 2012– NetDialog, leader in Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring & Reporting, today announced the release of their new Application Transaction Monitoring (ATM) software capability.

Unifying IT Goals between Network and Application Managers

Does your network perform well and is it delivering applications to your end users with good performance? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. There is a lot of information that can be derived from the network that can tell you something about application performance, such as link capacity, core network latency, and service availability and delay. NetDialog’s software product, NetX has been reporting those metrics in an actionable and business-aware manner for years. But in the end application managers are interested in just two things about their business-critical applications: is it available, and is it running fast enough for their end-user's typical behavior (i.e. their business transactions).

Measuring application response is a common functionality in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) area, but typically these products lack visibility into your Application Delivery Network components. As a result, network managers and application managers use different types of information while troubleshooting application performance issues, resulting in miscommunication and delays. With the introduction of Application Transaction Monitoring (ATM) information in NetX, NetDialog now offers a unified dashboard that brings together application availability and transaction response times with all the information from your network. Now network managers can monitor application performance from an end-user perspective and relate this to network characteristics resulting in faster problem recognition and resolution time.

The NetX ATM framework provides an open architecture that enables seamless integration with a variety of technologies for ATM measurements. Out-of-the-box this ranges from protocol-level robot transactions (e.g. TCP connection setup time to the service) to fully scripted web transactions using our Selenium plug-in. But it also offers integration options with 3rd party products, allowing us to work together with our customers and partners to find the best solution for each situation.

“Although the network has become critical to business success, the need to control the key business applications is essential,” said Patrick Jonker, Vice President Sales & Marketing at NetDialog.

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